Dennis Morehart, DDS

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hookah Tobacco and Teeth

Smoking a hookah has become super trendy in restaurants, cafes, and bars. Though people have tried to pass it off as a safer way of smoking tobacco, this has been proven false, and hookah tobacco can wreak just as much havoc on your teeth and gums as regular cigarettes. Research shows that periodontal disease increases by fivefold in water pipe smokers. Dr. Dennis, Morehart, DDS doesn’t want to put a damper on your fun, but he wants you to be aware of the risks associated with smoking hookah.

Though a hookah as a water chamber that filters smoke, this isn’t safe for the teeth and gums. It’s true that filtering tobacco through water removes some of the dangerous toxins, however, the smoke itself contains levels of nicotine that are three times the amount of actual cigarettes. Overall, the act of smoking provides no benefits to your oral health, therefore if you only smoke hookah as a recreational activity try to find something else to do that will be better for your smile.

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