Dennis Morehart, DDS

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fighting Plaque by Reducing Gum Pockets

Patients suffering from tooth decay are in good hands at Enid Dental Care. Our treatments stop the progression of periodontal disease and restore the bite function and cosmetics of patients’ mouths. One of the crucial steps of denying bacteria a place to breed is closing gum pockets, so patients should be educated about why it’s done.

Bacteria produces acid and plaque, which stick together and gradually cause the bone and gum tissue they come into contact with to dissolve. In areas below the gum line, the empty pockets where material dissolved are very difficult for patients to clean on their own and become safe havens for more bacteria. This causes the decay process to accelerate as bacteria colonies expand.

During a deep cleaning, Dr. Morehart or a hygienist will remove the plaque or tartar and bacteria colonies, but the pockets still have to be sealed. Usually, this is as simple as making an incision into a healthy portion of the gum, pulling a flap of gum tissue over the pocket, and suturing it. Sometimes, it may require a full gum graft, which involves cutting out a whole portion of the soft palate and sewing it over the pocket. Either way, patients should thereafter have an easier time cleaning their teeth.

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